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    1000 Monthly Listeners
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Why should I buy Spotify Monthly Listeners?

Monthly listeners reflect the popularity and fame of the artist. You may have 1k or even 100k plays of your track(s), but if you don’t have a high number of monthly listeners, your statistics can seem temporary and not a trend of constant popularity. Listeners could think that you have faked the plays yourself. You need monthly listeners to show your strength as an artist and Get Music Plays will get them for you!


What is the difference between listeners and plays?

If you have ten plays from one user, everyone will see one listener. But if you have ten listeners, ten separate people have to listen to your track. Plays increase but listeners can decrease, and that reflects poorly on you. Also, monthly listener statistics are the first things people see on your Artist Page.

How does the monthly listener cycle work?

Spotify update’s monthly numbers almost immediately (within 6-12 hours) and listener counts and play counts are not updated at the same time. Monthly listener statistics show the count over a 30-day period. Listener cycles show youroverall base listeners and Get Music Plays will make them work for you!


When will my monthly listeners begin to increase?

When Get Music Plays receives your order, we immediately move into action (within 6-12 hours) and your Artist Page will show the increase in listeners within 12-48 hours.

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