The privacy policy for this website revolves around the privacy of the people who choose to use this. In this policy, we highlight the various areas where the privacy of our users is concerned. It also outlines the requirements and obligations of the users and Wicked Media LTD.

Moreover, the way we process this website and protect the user/data is detailed on this privacy policy page.


Use of Cookies
Our website makes use of cookies in order to improve the user experience of users who visit this website. Wherever it is applicable, our website makes use of a cookies control system. Upon the first visit to the website, our users can either allow or disallow it on their device. This is fully in compliance with the legislation requirements of different websites.

Cookies refer to the small files that get saved in the computer of the user on the hard drive. This primarily includes information about the way in which the user interacts and uses the website. Moreover, this also allows the website the tailor its experience.

If users do not want to allow cookies, they can disable them in the security section of the website.

Do note that cookies can also get stored on the hard drive of your device through external vendors when users sign up for referral programs, and advertisements, or use sponsored links. Such cookies are primarily used for referral tracking and conversion purposes. Moreover, they also tend to expire in about 30 days. However, some cookies may take longer to expire.

Also, note that our website does not collect, share, or save any personal information of users.

Contact & Communication
Users who are contacting the owners of this website or the staff, do so at their personal discretion and provide personal details that are requested n their own risk.

At the agency’s end Wicked Media LTD, however, all the personal details are kept safe and are stored in a secure way until the time when it is no longer required for use. We make all efforts to make sure that the process for email submission is safe and totally secure.

Moreover, the website and the owners may use any information you submit to give you further information about the services/products being offered. This may include details of subscriptions for newsletter programs being operated by the website, for instance. Your details, however, are never passed on to third-party applications.

External Links
This website only features safe, high-quality, and relevant links. However, users are still advised to remain fully cautious before clicking on any external links that are mentioned on the website.

It is not possible for the owners to guarantee or verify all the content of externally linked websites regardless of their best efforts. Hence, users may click on these links solely at their own risk.

Social Media Platforms
Users are advised to make use of their music accounts very cautiously and keep their own personal details and privacy as secure as they can.

This website may include some social sharing buttons through which users can share the website content directly to social media pages. However, this should again be done at their own discretion.