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Introducing the latest Music Industry game-changer service from GetMusicPlays – “Spotify Chart Plays”! Are you struggling to break into the charts and make your mark with your purchased or organic plays? Well, worry no more! With our brand-new service, hitting those top rankings is as easy as pie.

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Here is how it works:

1️⃣ First, please visit and log in with your Spotify account. Choose your desired region and list “daily/track” charts. You’ll see the stream counts on the tracks in the charts; you can determine how much you should purchase this way.

2️⃣ To place an order, insert your TRACK link in the “link” field. Only track or album links in the “” or “” format are accepted. Please avoid using or any other format.

3️⃣ Specify the desired Country in the “group” field (e.g., Germany, UK, France, etc.). USA Plays will be sent if no country is specified.

4️⃣ Enter the quantity (which you checked in the first step), and voila! Your order will be started within 72 hours.

Targets: All countries.

⏱️ Full Playtime: Ensure user engagement for the complete duration of your track.

🎁 Additional Delivery: Each order comes with extra plays, offering added value.

⚠️ Notes:

🔴 You’re purchasing a big amount of plays on this service, so don’t place orders that are NOT ALIGNED WITH YOUR EXISTING ORGANIC ENGAGEMENT volume. You might face unpleasant consequences such as your song or account being removed.

🔴 This service DOES NOT work with Playlist links.

🔴 Spotify updates the plays counter once time every 36/72 hours. Please, if the order is marked as completed, but you still don’t see the plays counter updated, DON’T OPEN A TICKET; just wait a couple of days to see the changes.